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December 2020

Buone Feste

All of us at ILC would like to thank our students and their families for their continued support of the Italian Language Centre. To say 2020 was a difficult year would be an understatement. However, as 2020 draws to an end, we can  say with some confidence that we all have emerged more resillient, a little stronger and with an appreciation for the simple pleasures of life.

We wish all our students and their families a Happy Christmas and a safe New Year. Buone Feste a tutti!

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Classes 2021

Lessons will return to the classroom with a limit of 7 students plus teacher. Term one classes will commence on Thursday 28th January and end Thursday April 1st.  Lessons have been reduced to one and a half hour sessions instead of two hours. Cost per term is now $250.00. This will allow space for on-line zoom conversation sessions in the time-table. Students can access the time-table either on-line via the ILC website or by emailing Yvonne at . ILC will also be running Montessori Languages Classes for children on Saturday mornings at the Hampton Community Centre under the direction of Domenica Giordano.

Covid Safe Plan for ILC

In accordance with the advice from the Victorian State Government Department of Health and Human Services, The Italian Language Centre requires that the following procedure be adhered to in the interest of public health safety.

  1. Classes are capped at 7 students plus teacher. This calculation is based on 4sqm per person.
  2. All students must sanitize their hands as they enter classroom.
  3. Teachers must wipe down desks with a spray sanitizer after each lesson.
  4. The wearing of masks is not required and not mandatory. The wearing of masks is up to the discretion of the teacher and students.
  5. DO NOT COME TO CLASS if you have symptoms such as a runny nose, cough, fever, sore throat and fatigue.
  6. If you require a Covid Test, do not return to class until you have evidence of a negative test result.
  7. All students must enroll and re-enroll on-line so that current addresses, emails, and mobile numbers can be used to create a new and updated data base. This will be the basis for class rolls and act as a means of  immediate contact tracing should a student become infected. Students who have not completed a 2021 enrolment form on-line will not be able to attend classes.

Adherence to the above protocols will ensure the safe and smooth running of the school. We thank you all for your support and cooperation in making ILC a safe learning environment. 

Yvonne Thalmann-Anderl

Special Thank You

ILC would like to extend a special thank you to Domenica (Nica) Giordano. Without her technical on-line skills, professionalism and dedication, I’m sure ILC would not have successfully adjusted to the lockdowns and Covid restrictions. We are all very grateful to her especially the VCE students for her input. I look forward to working productively with Domenica 2021.


Montessori Children’s classes

ILC is excited to announced that in 2021 we will commence running Saturday morning children’s classes at the Hampton Community Centre in Willis Street for 5-10 year-olds. The language program is based on the Montessori method of second language learning developed by Roberta and Laura at Lingua Più Centro Linguistico Montessori in Città di Castello in Umbria. The course is under the direction of Domenica who in July and August participated in two on-line professional development courses run by Laura and Roberta at Lingua Più.

If any student would like to do an on-line conversation course with either Roberta and Laura email Direzione Lingua Più The school comes highly recommended.


On-line sessions via zoom

ILC is offering on-line sessions via zoom for students who wish to practice and improve their conversation, writing and listening comprehension skills. Sessions are capped at four participants. Students will have to consult the 2021 time-table to determine their appropriate level. The time-table is available on the ILC website or you can email Yvonne for a copy.

Yvonne Thalmann-Anderl
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