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Vol. 1. Gennaio 2020

Ciao a tutti e auguri di buon anno! Speriamo che quest’anno ci porterá tanta felicitá e buona salute. Benvenuti a ILC e alla prima edizione del newsletter del 2020. Un benvenuto caloroso anche ai nostri nuovi studenti e professori.

Welcome to the first edition of the 2020 ILC newsletter. A special welcome to all our new students who have joined us this year. We look forward to making your experience of learning Italian enjoyable and enriching. 


All classes will begin on Thursday January 30 and end Saturday March 28. Monday classes will commence Monday 3th February and run for 7 weeks. No classes will be held on the Monday March 9, Labor Day. Tuesday and Wednesday classes will run for 8 weeks while the Thursday and Friday classes will run for 9 weeks in keeping with the school term. The delay in starting classes was due to the recent fire at Baker’s Delight.

Payment Policy

  • Students are required to pay in full before the end of the first week of commencement of the course.
  • Students may pay for 5 lessons per term if they feel they may not be able to commit to a full 10 week term. $32.00 per 2 hour lesson.
  • Italian Language Centre reserves the right to cancel courses upon insufficient numbers and students will be reimbursed in full. ILC aims to achieve the best learning outcomes by keeping numbers to a manageable number (no more than 9 if pushed to accommodate a particular case). Swift enrolment and payment of deposit are advised to secure a place.
  • Students who are unable to attend a lesson due to illness, work or family commitments may make arrangements to attend another class at more or less the same level if convenient. In any case, students will be kept informed of the content covered in the missed class by the teacher. However, please inform the teacher of your intention to attend a “make-up” lesson.
  • Upon commencement of course and in the event of exceptional circumstances, credit of up to three lessons are available to students upon re-enrolment in the following term.
  • Deposits must be paid upon confirmation of a place in order to secure that place in the class.

Fire at Baker’s Delight

On Tuesday January 14 a fire ignited accidently in Baker’s Delight causing extensive damage to the surrounding premises. Luckily, ILC only suffered smoke damage and is able to operate but there is no air-conditioning and at some stage the carpets will have to be replaced and walls painted. Therefore, the room will not be as comfortable nor aesthetically pleasant as before the fire. I apologizes for this inconvenience. Hopefully, it will not take too long to reinstate the old classroom. Once again I thank you all for your patience.

Prendiamo l’aperitivo a ILC

Unfortunately due to fire damage to the surrounding premises, ILC will not be hosting a “welcome” aperitivo this term for all students. It’s postponed to a later next term.

Useful Online material

The following links in Italian may be of interest to some students who wish to read more on current issues and expand their vocabulary: (HuffPost Italia)

You can receive these links as newsfeeds on your Facebook and Twitter accounts

The following apps can be downloaded from the app store

News in slow Italian Excellent for advanced students. You can opt for the free content or you can purchase the podcasts which also includes grammar exercises.

Duolingo; Free dow load. Excellent for beginners, helps to expand their vocabulary and usage

Reverso: Free download: Great dictionary and translator. Excellent for all levels.

Professional Development:

The Montessori method of teaching and learning languages

In September 2019, I attended a professional development course which focuses on basic Montessori teaching and learning principles and applies them to second language acquisition and teaching. I chose to apply the following principles to the beginners’ level.

  1. Le strutture cognitive della lingua italiana e la collaborazione sociale.
  2. L’ insegnante prepara il materiale e guida gli studenti ma gli studenti svolgono le attività da soli oppure in gruppo.
  3. Uso delle mani come strumento di apprendimento.

All students responded positively and with entusiasm. Special thank you goes to my outsanding collegues and dear friends Roberta and Laura from Lingua Più in Città di Castello, who painstakingly developed this approach and who are now teaching and training teachers all over Europe, UK and the United States in the Montessori methodology. If anyone is interested to know more about this approach, feel free to contact me.


Buono studio a voi tutti!

Yvonne Thalmann-Anderl
Italian Language Centre (ILC)

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