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Policies and Procedure manual

1. ILC Mission statement

Italian Language Centre (ILC) is a language school located in Bayside specializing in teaching the Italian language and culture. ILC is focused on delivering Italian language and cultural programs which are of the highest quality and with the highest professional standard. ILC aims to achieve its mission by:

  1. Ensuring that all language courses are in line with the current LOTE outlines specified by the Victorian Department of Education and those set by the European guidelines for language learning and teaching "Il quadro comune europeo per le lingue."
  2. Employing experienced and qualified Italian teachers who are enthusiastic and passionate about Italian culture.
  3. Maintaining memberships of professional bodies such as VATI (Victorian Association of Teachers of Italian) AFMLT (Australian Federation of Teachers of Modern Languages) and the Italian Cultural Institute of Melbourne.
  4. Developing and nurturing educational relationships with local schools, libraries, Italian theatre groups, cooking schools etc. in order to promote the learning of and dissemination of the Italian language and culture.
  5. Developing and nurturing business relationships with local businesses that have commercial interests with Italy.

2. Terms of employment

Teachers are employed on a casual basis. They are required to renew their contracts on a term by term basis. All teachers are required to comply with ILC policy as outlined in the school's Policy and Procedures Manual.

3. Hours of Work

For teachers, hours of work will be determined by the availability of classes, and at the discretion of the Directors. This will be dependent on enrolments for each term. ILC may be obliged to cancel classes due to a lack of numbers and venue. If so, ILC will not be held responsible for the decrease in the number of hours originally allocated.

4. Policies and Procedures for Teachers

  1. All teachers must have a recognized and suitable degree as well as the appropriate teaching qualifications or are in the process of obtaining a foreign language teaching qualification.
  2. Teachers involved in teaching "L'italiano dopo scuola" programs, "Divertiamoci con l'italiano", "L'italiano al primo piano" and "Conversiamo insieme" are required to have a police check and are required to hold a working with children check.
  3. Teachers must arrive to class at least 15 minutes before lessons begin. Teachers are expected to plan each lessons and to utilize books, textbooks and materials prescribed for each course.
  4. Material for advanced conversation classes are left to the discretion of the teacher.
  5. Teachers are required to use the target language (Italian) during lessons and only revert to English when absolutely necessary (mainly with beginners).
  6. If a teacher will be absent, then notification must be given at least 24 hours in advanced.
  7. When observing lessons, teachers are expected to take notes and contribute only when invited by the teacher. All questions and discussion of the lesson will take place after the lesson is concluded.
  8. Teachers' lessons may be observed as part of employment contract.
  9. Teachers are expected to attend meetings and join in social functions.
  10. Teachers, upon request by management will be asked to attend VATI (Victorian Association of Teachers of Italian) professional development seminars and it is expected they will attend the annual congress.

5. Security procedures

The following security procedures applies to teachers working with children and working in "L'italiano dopo scuola" programs.

  1. All staff must wear their working with children identity card at all times when teaching.
  2. No child must be left to wonder around the outside the school by themselves.
  3. All parents, guardians and students must report to teaching staff.
  4. No child is to go to the bathroom or toilet unaccompanied. Language assistants must accompany all students to the toilet.
  5. All teaching staff must have police clearance.

Children's Classes

Role of Language assistants

Support the learning process in the classroom by

  1. taking directions from the teacher
  2. interacting in Italian with the children at all times
  3. offering positive reinforcement
  4. assisting children with tasks
  5. sits in with the children so that he/she is perceived as part of the class
  6. MUST accompany all children to the toilet and bathrooms

Ethics Code

  1. All children of varying ability and needs will be treated equally and fairly
  2. Children will be treated with respect and sensitivity
  3. Teachers and language assistants will not raise their voices inappropriately. Firmness is encouraged but not aggressive or angry verbal responses.
  4. No teacher or language assistant is to discuss any child's behavior or ability with anyone, the only exception being the child's parents or other teachers, where relevant, working for ILC.
  5. Negative behavior such as "put downs" from other students will not be tolerated and will be dealt with gently but firmly. Students are to be encouraged to work with their peers in a respectful and courteous manner.

Discipline policy

ILC does not condone nor encourage the use of aggressive, negative and loud verbal responses on the part of the teacher as a disciplinary strategy. ILC believes that the teacher is responsible for discipline in the classroom and that it can be maintained by

  1. speaking in a firm, controlled voice
  2. keeping the children interested and busy
  3. asking children to speak in a soft voice
  4. assisting children with tasks and praising their efforts.

If a child is continuously disruptive in class and it does impact on the learning process, then the child will be removed by another teacher from the class for five minutes and will be spoken to firmly and in a positive manner.

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