Primary & Secondary School Courses

ILC's primary school programmes offer children the opportunity to learn Italian in a relaxed and fun filled environment. It has been developed in line with the LOTE guidelines specified by the Victorian Department of Education and the European Framework for Foreign Language Teaching and Learning (Il quadro comune europeo per le lingue) and it focuses on teaching students to communicate in Italian in ways that are relevant to their experiences of family, school and the local community.

Language activities are drawn from the children's own experiences and include games, songs, role-plays, and recitals. Cultural activities focus on festivities such as Easter, Christmas and la Befana, la festa della Repubblica, as well as learning to play Scopa and Briscola.

The program has been developed and is taught by qualified and experienced language teachers. All our language teachers and assistants have undergone police checks. Cost $200.00 per ten week term.

Divertiamoci con l'italiano

This course is for secondary school students up to Year 10. It has been developed with the view that some students may wish to study Italian at VCE level. The aim of this course is to develop students' ability to use Italian in a variety of communicative situations. Language activities are centred on the student's own experience of family, school, social media as well as from a broad range of printed texts.  Cost: $320.00 per term.

VCE and International Baccalaureate Support

This course aims to expand the student's knowledge of the Italian Language and culture using conversation as its context and by exploring various text types with the objective of high lighting grammar already studied. It has been designed in line with the VCE Study Design and IB curriculum for Italian Higher level (B) and Standard. Students will learn how to use appropriate language structures as well as how to apply a number communication strategies. Special attention will also be directed to aural comprehension in preparation for the VCE exam. A number of native speakers are also used to add variety, build confidence and assist students with their detailed study. Mock oral exams will also be available to students in preparation for the VCE oral examination.

Yvonne Anderl at the Italian Language Centre

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