Adult Courses

Beginner's Classes

Io e L'italiano is a structured beginner's conversation course. The aim is to equip students with the fundamentals of the Italian language within the context of every day practical conversation. This course is ideal for people who intend to travel to Italy on holidays, for business, or for those who would just like to "experience" Italian without taking on the commitment of the more intensive and long term course.

Completion of the course results in a competency level of A2.

Post Beginner's Classes

Qui Italia course is a structured, progressive conversation and language course developed by the University of Perugia. The aim of this course is to provide students with all aspects of Italian grammar but in the context of everyday practical conversational usage.

Completion of the course results in a proficiency level of B1.

Advanced Classes

Affresco Italiano (B1 and B2) is an intermediate to advanced Italian course developed by the University of Siena which focuses on an inductive approach to expanding language skills already acquired. The approach is thematic with emphasis on strengthening and developing further the four macro linguistic skills: Writing, Comprehension (both listening and written), Reading, and Conversation. This course is recommended for students who have studied all aspects of Italian grammar and wish to develop their competency in all of the macro linguistic skills.

Italiano per chi ci tiene È un corso rivolto a quelli che ci tengono a mantenere un alto livello della lingua italiana. Al nostro appuntamento settimanale ci incontreremo a prendere un caffè discuteremo degli argomenti interessanti seguendo un approccio tematico e comunicativo (B2-C1).

Yvonne Anderl at the Italian Language Centre

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